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About your Mariachi

The Mariachi life is a haritage, a culture, and tradition. 

Arnulfo Sanchez

My musical career began at an early age, 13 years old to be exact, I am Mexican with blood 100% "Jaliciense", I have contributed to aggrandize Mexican music putting my bit and all my passion in MARIACHI. I began in the music playing  with my dad in the City of Guadalajara Jalisco, and neighboring towns. I have also had the good fortune to perform with some of the most known artists  like, Alejandro Fernandez, Pedro Fernandez, Angeles Ochoa and much more. I have been blessed to shared stage with the best mariachis in the world, Mariachi Vargas, Mariachi Sol de Mexico Mariachi America, and Mariachi Los Camperos. 

Elizabeth Sanchez

I Elizabeth, started music thanks to her Mariachi family. I am the youngest of them all.  Mariachi has been more than a lifestyle, it has been a passion from a young age. At the age of 13 I began my journey getting violin lesson from the University of Guadalajara "UDG".  Since then I have had the opportunity to continue studying and learning with many musicians of great experience, including my father and my brothers.


Eduardo Sanchez


Eduardo Sanchez began his musical career in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. at a young age of 14 in a mariachi under the leadership of his father. After three years he tried his luck with the youth mariachi " Continental" along with his brothers, after a while receives an invitation to unite with mariachi los becerritos de "Don Beto Ibarra", few months after he joined mariachi "Maya" from Ildefonso Moya accompanying the Mexican President Zedillo Ponce de Leon representing Mexico against ten Presidents of the World Summit of Rio, along with the folkloric ballet of the University of Guadalajara all across South America. Today Eduardo is reunited with his Brothers to form mariachi "Jalisco USA" in California.


Carlos Sanchez

Oldest of all brothers, Carlos started his career as a young musician at the age of sixteen. Educated from Escuela de Musica, Guadalajara. Carlos has not only been blessed with the talent of knowing how to play different instruments. He has built extensive music theory knowledge and has written his book to teach the future generation about the bihuela (small guitar) .

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